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Native American Indian Turquoise Jewelry & Art

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Native American Turquoise Jewelry at Wholesale Prices

Alltribes® Native American turquoise jewelry is of the highest caliber and among the most competitively priced online, whether its turquoise necklaces, rings, pendants, squash blossoms, belt buckles, concho belts or bracelets. Here you will find only the finest, completely handmade, pieces of native american turquoise jewelry using only the finest genuine gemstones by recognizable Navajo, Hopi, Pueblo & Zuni artists who are keeping alive ancient traditions of crafting and culture. Alltribes, dedicated hand manufacturer and seller of hand crafted authentic Native American jewelry & Art since 1973. Do not get taken in by tourism prices!

Using materials such as turquoise, opal, coral, onyx, and many other gemstones, Native American artists draw upon the essence of silver, the stone or mineral, bringing forth the creation within. Due to this, each turquoise piece is a collectible and keepsake for the true jewelry collector and trader. The Native American artist's skill combines with each gemstone of turquoise piece in perfect harmony to create beautiful and unique works of art.

We at Alltribes are proud of our authentic handmade Native American turquoise jewelry, and are confident you will be too!

Handmade Turquoise Jewelry with Genuine Gemstones

Each unique piece of our turquoise jewelry includes a series of ever-changing unique handmade designs handmade by authentic Native American. Alltribes silversmiths are anxious to make that custom piece you have always desired. Located in the Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert Arizona area, Alltribes carries thousands of Native American turquoise items. Feel free to stop on in and browse our showroom if you are visiting Arizona for the first time. We currently wholesale to thousands of customers across the world and are your source for some of the highest quality handmade Native American and turquoise jewelry in the world.

Custom handmade Native American turquoise jewelry & Accessories are our specialty! If you would like us to make you a handmade custom item. We do it all from start to finish, our Native American designers can make your image....reality. So Please don't hesitate to Contact Alltribes for further assistance info.

Jewelry; to the Native American artist, Turquoise is almost as necessary as the Silver. In some cases, silver is merely something to hold the Turquoise in the Jewelry, art, etc. Finding the perfect piece for your Jewelry is the task at hand.